We are a versatile digital studio transforming creative opportunities into successful realities.

Show & Tell

Since 2013, we have worked with more than 50 clients including cultural non-profits and corporate consultants, industrial B2Bs and ready-to-wear clothing brands, museums and foundations, designers and producers, artists and accessibility advocates, restauranteurs and entrepreneurs, photographers and writers, marketers and developers.

Our work includes activating Yo-Yo Ma's SILKROAD with a community driven news and media hub, building an open-source web app for museums to provide better and more accessible image annotations, and developing a sleek digital portfolio for a leading contemporary architecture firm.

Some of our side projects include a web-based emoji cannon game, an interactive map of stories along Mexico's largest river, a browser extension that adds a happy very dog to any website, a micro-site about the first earthling to travel to space, and multiple animations of cats. We occasionally curate interaction patterns at Good & How.

Who We Are

We draw on our working relationships with a variety of reliable, talented folks including editors, planners, animators, consultants, photographers, and graphic designers as suits the needs of each project.

Christopher Reed

Chris founded SEEREAD.INFO in 2013. Previously, he prototyped, won, and implemented data visualization projects for Sapient and led web development on Vice's Creators Project for Intel. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, and long ago, he learned the meaning of chutzpah while working the counter at the best Jewish deli and bagel store in Texas.